About Our Crematorium

A Modern, Bespoke and Flexible Funeralcare Space

Our proposal is to build a modern and environmentally advanced crematorium on a 1.9-hectare site located on the A736 Glasgow Road, approximately 600 meters to the south of the Hurlet Junction.

The site itself sits approximately 100 yards back from Glasgow Road and will not be overly visible from the carriageway. The new facility will benefit from well-designed and extensive tree planting and soft landscaping that will mean, in time, that the building will not be visible from the roadside.

Our experienced architect and design team have created a modern crematorium building that is simple and befitting in character, designed to reflect the surrounding rural landscape.

The building will be finished in carefully selected blonde stone, with wood detailing, pitched roofs and natural slate.

The car park and footpath surfaces will be constructed using resin bonded gravel, providing a softer and more gentle finish.


Inside, the Ceremony Hall will comfortably accommodate 100 to 150 people with flexible high quality individual seating (not pews) and further seating and standing space within the Waiting Area for comfortably up to 80 to 100 people, which will be connected to the Ceremony Hall through widescreen monitors and audio on which services can be broadcast.

Extra-large widescreen monitors and high-end audio will also be installed within the Ceremony Hall, through which Visual Tributes can be shown, and all types of music, both modern and traditional can be played.

The system will be linked to the largest digital music library available – meaning that we can source any song or track version, from any era, that families want to hear.

The facility will also have a traditional high-quality organ within the Ceremony Hall, and we know from the building design that the acoustics work beautifully.

This new, light, bright and modern facility will provide a flexible and inspiring space that can be arranged to suit all individual family requirements.


The new Hurlet Crematorium is be located on land that is currently used for general and seasonal agricultural grazing.

A detailed ecological survey was carried out during the planning process and it found that there are no protected species or ecological constraints.

At Horizon, we appreciate the importance of protecting and enhancing local flora, fauna and wildlife.

We aim to create tranquil and inspiring spaces, surrounded by nature, which we know is highly therapeutic and comforting.

At the Clyde Coast & Garnock Valley Crematorium, with the help of local specialists, we have planted thousands of trees, including important and endangered local species, alongside hundreds of different flowers and plants, including much-needed pollinators.

We have created spaces in which local wildlife have made their home, and they are thriving. From the cattle in the nearby fields, to the wagtails, swifts, swallows and starlings that have made their nests in the eaves of the building, through to the friendly bumble bees and butterflies that have made good use of the many pollinator flowers that we have planted.

For the Hurlet in East Renfrewshire, we have hired the best landscape architects and ecology consultants in the country to help us develop our ecology and landscaping plans.

In time, the building will be embraced in a curtain of trees, and our memorial garden will provide a quiet and reflective space in which people can return to contemplate and remember.

The wider 1.9-hectare site will have an entrance road with presence, surrounded by wildflowers and other nature enhancing measures. We also hope that the local farmer will continue to graze his much-loved cattle in the fenced-off spaces surrounding the building.


It is important to remember that crematoriums, for obvious and respectful reasons, mainly operate out-with rush hour travel times of the day. This helps families and funeral corteges to generally avoid the most unpredictable travelling conditions.

A detailed transport assessment has been carried looking at all aspects of the local road and public transport network, alongside traffic volumes and access into the site.

The Hurlet Crematorium is easily accessible by road for all communities across East Renfrewshire and beyond. There will be parking for 100 cars, plus well-designed additional overflow parking space merged into the wider landscaping.

The location has good sight-lines in both directions, and a new ghost island arrangement will be installed at the entrance to the new facility on the A736 Glasgow Road carriageway, to safely assist traffic turning right into crematorium.

For those using public transport, the location benefits from a number of bus stops close to the entrance, and there are also rail connections fairly close by.

Horizon is promoting other sites in England, Scotland and Wales, including this one at Hurlet in East Renfrewshire.