Memorial Gardens

Space to reflect

The building sits within 1.9 hectares of open landscape, surrounded by the rolling Hurlet Hills. Most of the land has been kept in its natural character, and we aim to encourage more wildlife through careful habitat management.

Within this space sits our Memorial Garden, offering attractive and stunning views to the Hurlet Hills. The grounds are extensive and have spaces for quiet contemplation and remembering, where soft flowing grasses and wildflower whisper in the breeze.

The Memory Tree

Our beautiful and majestic core-ten steel tree stands proudly on a raised mound of lawn in front of the crematorium. Memorial brass leaves attach to the branches giving a shimmering effect in the sunlight.

A lasting tribute

We know that for many families choosing a lasting memorial tribute to someone special is an important way for them to remember and grieve.

This is one of the most important purchases you will make, and we understand how important it is to make the right choice.

Our dedicated staff are here to guide you through the many options available in our grounds to create a lasting tribute.


Remembering Young Lives

We have developed an area within our Memorial Garden for young lives. No parent wishes to lose a young life, but we hope that the natural beauty of the memorial gardens will give parents, close family, and friends the space to remember.

Scattering in our Gardens of Remembrance

In a quite unspoilt area, we have created a space where ashes can be scattered in a natural setting. As the area is to be kept as natural as possible, we ask that no personal mementos be left there.

The ashes can be scattered loosely by a member of staff or family members can be present and a few words of closure can be spoken.

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