East Renfrewshire does not have its own crematorium, and it is widely recognised across the area that a new and modern facility is very much needed.

A detailed needs assessment has been carried out, and through that research, it confirms that there are significant limitations and issues with the current crematorium provision, particularly during winter months.

Families currently have no other choice but to principally use the Linn Crematorium in Glasgow or Woodside Crematorium in Paisley, or other facilities located even further afield.

The Linn Crematorium and Woodside Crematorium serve large geographical catchments within their own areas, and as overall demand for cremation increases, this has meant that there is increasingly less capacity available, resulting in less service time availability for families.

The Hurlet Crematorium will set a new and higher standard across the area – by providing a modern and special space in which local families can hold the most comforting and befitting of funeral services.


Tastes and perceptions are changing. An increasing number of people want more modern and comfortable crematorium facilities – free of the dated, heavy and brutalist architecture of times past. They want brighter and lighter facilities, more reflective of the modern world.

Like the Clyde Coast & Garnock Valley Crematorium, the internal design of the new facility at the Hurlet will be simple, serene and of a very high quality – using exceptional materials and bespoke furniture designs.

Families don’t want to feel rushed, and that’s why at the Hurlet Crematorium all services will be a minimum of 1-hour – and the building and parking is designed to help ensure mourners can easily access and exit the facility.

The new Crematorium at the Hurlet will be an inspiring facility – a more comfortable building and experience, as well as providing much needed additional capacity and compassionate service for families when they need help and support most.