The Hurlet Crematorium

Progress Update

The Hurlet Crematorium is the latest Horizon development to be granted planning permission, and is located within East Renfrewshire, directly next to the Glasgow South and Renfrewshire boundaries. The modern facility is set within an open and rural location adjacent to St Conval’s Cemetery.

We are pleased to confirm that we are on target to start services in December of this year, and that we are now looking to recruit an outstanding team to help us deliver exceptional care for local families and communities. The Hurlet Crematorium is set to be a very special place – built using the highest quality materials and designed in a way to help people truly celebrate the life of their loved ones in a dignified manner, from within a modern and tranquil space.

The views from the full-gable Ceremony Hall window, which look across the Hurlet Hills are incredibly special and ever changing, as the panoramic light moves across the horizon in the distance. With 150 seats and additional room for standing, plus a modern waiting area connected to the Ceremony Hall with space for a further 80 to 100 people - we can accommodate the largest of services.

But we have also designed the Ceremony Hall, and finished it in colours and carefully chosen materials, to help ensure that smaller services feel equally comfortable, special, and intimate. The Hurlet Crematorium also incorporates the latest in audio visual technology – meaning families can use images, video and audio as part of their funeral service.

The design of the facility is based on Horizon’s new and highly praised Clyde Coast & Garnock Valley Crematorium - - and will sensitively provide a crucial service for families from across East Renfrewshire and beyond.


Horizon Cremation is aiming to build a new generation of crematorium and deliver high levels of care within attractive, modern, buildings.

Our first facility on the Clyde Coast sets the tone for our projects. Fitting into the local area, it is built of traditional materials and has been thoughtfully designed and carefully set in a beautiful landscape.

A Special and Inspiring New Facility

East Renfrewshire does not have a crematorium, and families have no choice but to travel to the Linn Crematorium in Glasgow, Woodside in Paisley, or even further afield to access essential crematorium services.

Families from across Paisley and the wider historic Renfrewshire borough have only ever had one real choice, that being Woodside Crematorium, which was built in 1938 and is located within a large cemetery.

For families in Glasgow South, they have the options of The Linn or Craigton.    The Linn is one for the busiest crematoriums in the country, serving a very large area, and Craigton is also a dated facility set within a large cemetery.

The Hurlet Crematorium will finally provide a modern and dignified choice for local families.

On average, over 70% of funeral services are cremation, with this number increasing year-on-year.

Our research showed that the number of cremations is higher than the national average across the areas The Hurlet Crematorium will serve, with over 80% of families opting for cremation.

At Horizon, we know how important it is to have access to a high-quality crematorium facility, staffed by caring and sincere people, and the importance of time and space for families to hold a dignified funeral service.

The fact is that current facilities are already over-stretched, and this has can have a lasting and negative impact on families facing stressful and long waiting times, and poor experiences in terms of the buildings and the level of care and service they receive.

The Hurlet Crematorium will make a significant difference by providing hour-long funeral services and much needed capacity across the area, particularly during winter months, ensuring that families no longer face distressing and unacceptably long waiting times in which to hold a funeral service.

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